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Monday, March 20, 2006

Bye-bye Blogger. I have moved to a new site (with a new feed too).

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dog park pond

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Molly had fun at the dog park. When Amy started taking her clothes off to join Molly in the muddy dog pond we had to come back home. "But I wanna swim with Molly!"

Mom and Dad are feeling stressed. Time to take a break and visit the dog park.

We only have long-gone family pets buried in our yard.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The target audience for commercials must be 3-year-olds. "I want that. And that."

A Knoxville boy, far from home but still sounding like East Tennessee.

This is the last weekend of Girl Scout cookies for a full year. We have cookie recipe books at our booths (in the mall Friday 4-8 and Saturday 10-2) but I will e-mail them to anyone who wants one. Out-of-town cookie orders are being shipped tomorrow. Posted by Picasa

This weekend I was the recipient of one of those 'insults disguised as casual chatter' monologues. The kind that starts out "I don't know how you can possibly give 5 children enough attention and love" and goes downhill from there. Strangely, I only get those lectures from people with one or two children. I say lecture/monologue because I just nod and smile while the person goes on and on about how exhasting their child is and how they can't understand people who have more than two children. Nothing I say would change that person's mind anyway. Let's review how neglected our children are right now. Tommy has group therapy, psychiatrist appointments and horseback riding lessons. He and Doug play D&D with a friend and the friend's father every other week. Tommy gets to go along on the Boy Scout camping trips. Poor, pitiful Sarah is secretary of the student council and a member of the art club, the school's news crew, Girl Scouts and has a part in the seventh grade play. She participates in SibShops and has a weekly sleepover either here or at a friend's house. She somehow manages to see a movie in the theater almost every week. Noah is a Boy Scout and active in Karate (3 times a week) while also participating in TAG and the school chess club. Amy has preschool twice a week and gets to participate in so many of the Girl Scout activities that she considers herself a Girl Scout. Evan has no organized activities but still nurses full-time and you will have to just trust me when I say that is a time-consuming activity. Sooooo, I just don't think my children are neglected.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Doug & Evan

Originally uploaded by cathymccaughan.
They were both laughing out loud.

Texas Roadhouse

IMG_6850 Originally uploaded by cathymccaughan.
There sure are a lot of people eating steak tonight. We are having freezer pizza.

Reason number 287 why boys are easier than girls Clothing. "WHY do you care what I wear?" Reason number 64 why girls are easier than boys - Girls don't check the equipment during diaper changes.

Blogger is snafu today.

Blogger is wonky today.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Why do I get spam for "the best love drugs"? Does it look like we have any problems with our ability to procreate?

Noah had a sleepover Friday night and his friend gasped when he saw our Christmas Winter Girl Scout cookie lights on the front of the house. The next day, Doug took down part of the lights. I think Noah should have visitors more frequently.

Fun with paper - wishing stars letters without envelopes gum wrapper chain For Doug & Dean

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Five steps with no help!

I took advantage of a cookie booth inside the mall and did some window shopping. Two thoughts. First, I can tell by the store's background music if they want me as a customer. Second, the new spring fashions look like the wardrobe for "Caddyshack".

Spring blooms

Originally uploaded by cathymccaughan.
The weather in Knoxville has been too wonderful for words this week. Everywhere you look you see people just standing outside absorbing the warm sunshine and memorizing the spring color.

Friday, March 10, 2006


Originally uploaded by cathymccaughan.
I took this out the car window as I drove by it. I still want to work up the nerve to get out and get some close-up pictures. It is unbelievably beautiful outside today. Mid 70s and sunny with a breeze.


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